Monday, 18 August 2014

The Queue

Stand in line and wait your turn
Using patience as your virtue
Listening in to conversations
Observant ears need not avert you

One wonders why those in a line
Share loud their points of view
Unaware that folk around them
May disagree or misconstrue

Giving thought to this conundrum
As free fall theories hit the ground
Impose intriguing speculation
On captive audiences around

The rule is not to intervene
Cast doubt or make corrections
Quote passages, philosophise
Or any other interjections

Keep mindful why you’re waiting
your social graces held on trust
Should the folly of the speaker near
Remove you screaming in disgust

Based on the article: 'Hallelujahs and Hypocrisies
by Lynn Gerrard See Story Link above

1 comment:

  1. This piece reflects well the horrors suffered by those who are reluctant captives of 'The Queue'! Next time I wait in line somewhere, I may just begin my own volley of outspoken and outrageous narratives and when I's with a broad smile I'll have your poem in mind...haha! Great stuff yet again!...