Saturday, 28 May 2016


Picture by Zied Smida

In talking to myself today
I put behind my circumspection
That kind of to and froing
Losing sight of one’s direction

These get-together contacts
A purely one-on-one connection
Semantically coherent
With strong hint of predilection

Self-examining my innermost
Once again on deep reflection
I’m thankful for a change of mind
Brought about by introspection

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Struggle

Success is not an easy stroll
it never was nor ever shall
On purpose, if the chips are down
needs icy backbone spine canal

Willpower won’t be all you need
more how you walk a country mile
Always striving for a better way
on any given crooked stile

Receiving every trial and let-down
as much more than lessons learned
Fixing all those broken hearts
getting over being spurned

Overnight is insufficient time
for building sound defence
It will not sustain momentum
or give sufficient recompense

In the end when you look back on it
success was what you gained
By shrugging off the give in calls
moving onwards self contained

Wikipedia link below
Based on the life and times of Frederick Douglass

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Holiday Money

Swapping UK pounds for Euros
A most suspicious thing to do
If you can’t attest your pedigree
Beyond all doubt that you are you

You may produce a debit card
Where transactions are recorded
But that is not enough oh no
Proof of you is not accorded

It is a punch below the money belt
This money-swapping quandary
So many gangsters on the high street
Out in public with their laundry

You can order cash the night before
Via debit card but no
You may not pick it up without
A passport/licence there to show

We’re not talking loads of money here
Less than a grand of local wedge
Nothing like a laundry basketful
From underneath a bandits hedge

Look at all those thieving scammers
Who major banks allow to flout
No passport cheque or driving licence
May drain you dry and left without


I’m setting down a message
Written specially for you
You can use it when you need it
If you can’t think what next to do

I want to make it brief and clear
Without cautions or commands
To help with freedom of expression
Or when surrounded by demands

No time to give you good advice
Or redirect your honest view
If fair and square are satisfied
Having wisely thought things through

Step wilfully at measured pace
Steer each day with steady hands
For building on your lessons learned
Is what the real you understands

Then perhaps one early morning
Enclosed in stillness with a smile
Take your turn to send a message
For someone new to feel worthwhile