Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Holiday Money

Swapping UK pounds for Euros
A most suspicious thing to do
If you can’t attest your pedigree
Beyond all doubt that you are you

You may produce a debit card
Where transactions are recorded
But that is not enough oh no
Proof of you is not accorded

It is a punch below the money belt
This money-swapping quandary
So many gangsters on the high street
Out in public with their laundry

You can order cash the night before
Via debit card but no
You may not pick it up without
A passport/licence there to show

We’re not talking loads of money here
Less than a grand of local wedge
Nothing like a laundry basketful
From underneath a bandits hedge

Look at all those thieving scammers
Who major banks allow to flout
No passport cheque or driving licence
May drain you dry and left without


  1. Haha! Very true! Love the punchy honesty of this piece! :)

    1. Even with a raft of transactional proof plus passport and driving licence they still took ages to let me have the cash I had paid for the previous evening. Actually, it was only £500. Good old UK banking system, ("They take the dark out of nighttime and paint the daytime black" B. Dylan of course)