Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dorset Knob – Just The Job

So much is said about fitness food
To keep one healthy fit and strong
Enhancing verve and vigorous swerve
A lifelong hope we might prolong

Take a pilgrimage to Cattistock
The home of far flung fare
Where knobs are known to be high flown
Swaggered style and debonair

Join the fun in get togetherness
Take your biscuit let it lob
Display your loving roll in cheesiness
With sporty grace your Dorset Knob

Keep it up with a Dorset Knob
Moores Biscuit Manufacturers HQ

The Biscuit Bakery
St Andrews Well

01308 428520

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Aim of the Game

The hungry sight of a meal in flight
Scents of guns among the roses
Where the calibre of hunters moons
Cover tracks where one proposes

Forestalling calculating curves
Attentive senses keyed
Delicate arts esteemed pursuits
Precisely marked at speed

Persistent plots in ancient toil
Huntsman gauging prey
Buckshot primed finely timed
Tis the order of the Frey

Wikipedia Link - Frey

Friday, 10 July 2015

Ropey Rhymes

What trigger gives me motive force
To 'put upon' a page my thought
Charge must be laid on many bards
Whose word attractiveness I caught

Why do I need to read my mind
Laying claim to bright ideas
Teasing tempting super phrases
Raining clouds as sunshine clears

What is right about composing verse
When writing well above my station
To spread my bread and butter head
Inform and share my innovation

How will I track my unknown works
To not let thoughts go by ignored
Or miss the tense in making sense
Of all that inner well worth stored

What is it with this poesy thing
Writing rhymes in word connections
Sounding off preposterously
Disclosing many predilections


'Ropey Rhyme' a pastime of eight hundred speculations has now outrun itself and new directions need mapping out. If you have enjoyed a few of these rhymes then I am chuffed and thank you for taking time to visit and read them. Even more thanks if you saw fit to pass any of them along. 

What will I do now?  I've already begun to wear my new hat in the scheme of 'Arhythmytic' Arhythmytic? Arhythmytic is my label for my obsessive need to write in rhyme.  My work in 'Arhythmytic' will strive to be more concentrated on a transitive theme. From time to time if the cap fits, I will post a new 'Ropey Rhyme' to relieve my frustration at some of the extreme craziness our world indulges in.

Ropey Rhyme, one hundred thousand page views in just over four years, I am so pleased and grateful to all my visitors.

See you there or elsewhere.

Cliff Letts

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

All Things Greek

In Greece the celebration tune
Is saying no to poverty now
Bones are blanched no meat in sight
No cash to splash no golden cow

Austerity is the loser here
It has the smallest pile of votes
Electing bigger spending sprees
Pumping bilge from sinking boats

Oh what the hell is going on
They joined a club of wealth protection
There is no sport in going short
Greece needs an urn or plate collection