Sunday, 30 November 2014


Embarking on undoable ‘s
Discern dissimilar routine
In a world of things anomalous
Seeing pictures not yet seen

Constructing bits and pieces
Anew debatable conception
Freshness form inventiveness
Another angle of reflection

To ask the perfect question
Determine flawless explanations
Contrasting the impossible
With most appropriate innovations


What about that film star then
TV headline news last night
Took me by complete surprise
Drunk and rolling in a fight

Apparently a chance remark
Not worthy of response
When bad behaviour in public
 Raised the best side of her bonce

Lawyers promptly in attendance
Are threatening the press
To keep it clean and not demean
Our starlight Leda in distress

Dream Catcher

Let’s meet there soon the future calls
Our rendezvous with loves connection
Pledging eye to eye togetherness
Sweetheart instants of perfection

Our living sense without pretence
Simple pleasure in just being
Each gentle touch a turning circle
In our world each breath has meaning

Friday, 28 November 2014


Softly scattered comfort
Sensitivity with style
Wistful shapes on painted drapes
Subtle silhouettes meanwhile

Sit you down relaxed at home
Delight in quiet calm’s implore
Should your mood become encumbered
Misplace those cushions on the floor

Frills that thrill and prettify
Plumped up cushions snugly pack
Artistically with trace of grace
Wretched bumpy lumpy sack

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Blemish Free Tea

Tealeaf fortunes tucked away
Neatly packed in porous bags
Pleasant brews medicinal
For when zest and purpose sags

Of elements and question marks
Best practice to attain
On pouring milk in first or second
To avoid the tanning stain

Two chemical reactions will
Alter protein of the milk
Therefore milk in first for tea bags
A choice of lesser staining ilk

Spread of tanning through the casein
Best presentation milk in first
A vision clear of lesser smear
When taking tea to quench ones thirst

My Tea is mighty Tea

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Rolled Gold

Coloured words in crimson hue
Streaks of grain in ruby wood
Sure to please a treatise
Authentication understood

Double clad a shielded source
Leather bound embellished bold
Themes on streams most deeply felt
Metallic hoagies rolled in gold