Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Irish Question

“Are ya readin that paper you’re sitt’n on?”
Her colleen Irish eyes held mine
With her gift for strident speaking
There was no chance I might decline

From my seat detached the magazine
 Displayed my most appealing grin
Apologised for lack of thoughtfulness
In hope of smoothing her chagrin

“Well you are a graceless eejit
Lickarse langer more than fair
You’ve scrunched my fecking magazine
You are a bollix in my chair”

“Can I also have my cup of tea”
Her eyes aflame with indignation
“Now shut yer gob and pass my coat
I’m feeling gombean saturation”


  1. I could 'hear' the lilt of her charming tones!...I really liked has such a light airy feel to it, a snippet plucked from everyday life to bring a smile to these part-Irish eyes o' mine!...:)