Monday, 24 November 2014

Transformation Tribulation

Stripped the walls of patterns past
Removed the shading fading paint
Surveyed the area for quantities
Washed out quirky licks of quaint

Fallen ambiance in piles of dust
Now removed as waste disposal
Replaced with heated argument
Over choice of best proposal

Mood and tone discussed at length
Persuade a balanced vision mix
With artful insight skill expressed
Roomful of flourishes and flicks


  1. REALLY love this!...I love the flow...I love the peek, we're allowed, into your past choice of decor...and you allow us that peek by your usage of the word 'quirky', you say so much just with that one word ...indeed the reader can't help but be swept back to their own 'quirky' styles of the past!....( my God, there's some disasters there I bet...haha )...Yep...this is another one of my favourites.....:)

    1. Thank you again Lynn for your helpful comment. We are actually going through that project at the moment and I couldn't resist using the twists and turns of home decorating as rhyme material.