Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Did You See That?

Black Eyed She
Big news full of scary stuff
A local paper writes
Regular visits every thirty years
To give the unsuspecting frights

Maybe alien black-eyed vampires
Who’d like to meet you for a drink
Then scare your living daylights out
Quite enough to make one think

They like to choose a lonely spot
Near a copse or forest clump
Then with paranormal spookiness
They appear and make one jump

Without a trace they disappear
Or runaway and hide
Headlines selling local papers
The truth on which, let you decide

Like a bolt of striking lightning
Apparitions come and go
Seen only by those easily duped
Who need no evidence to show

Monday, 29 September 2014

Realia 2000

When searching for security
Impaired emotions fight for place
Manufactured visual incidents
among a putty moulded race

No need to think of who you are
In your clipped and crippled cell
where war and domination
Keep you calm whilst raising hell

Your Ma and Pa eventually
Had no time for what you needed
where table talk and interaction
were left to leave you superceded 

Children should be seen not heard
Not interfere with parlour games
Yet even Nanny plays machines
Loving you in picture frames

Article Link
Adult/child interaction is vital to a child's development.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Last Post

After time has passed away
With all signs of life expired
When all constants in the universe
Have mathematically retired

Somewhere in the quiet void
With no particular place to be
In distances too far apart
Is nothing’s home, 'Eternity'

All causes then neglected
All effects stripped out untied
All memory of anything
Locked away, 'Access Denied'

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Me oh My oh! Down at the Bio

With my biohacker buddies
And scientists of that ilk
Imbibing engineering parts
Enjoying home-made milk

Fermented foods and flavourings
Generating plastic drugs
Made to measure bloodless steaks
From DNA without the bugs

Manufactured evolution
Is the shape of things to come
As our made to measure gardens
Get Annie’s lean and mean 'gene-gun'

Two billion extra mouths to feed
Changing points of view synthetic
Filling faces with the stuff of life
Global farmyards biogenic

"Thousands of researchers will descend on Boston this fall for an event billed as the world’s largest gathering of synthetic biologists. The field is evolving so rapidly that even scientists working in it don't agree on a definition, but at its core synthetic biology involves bringing engineering principles to biotechnology." JOSIE GARTHWAITE - SEP 25 2014, 1:47 PM ET

Friday, 26 September 2014

Wintry Muse

Thinking Season

The chuckling of old summer leaves
As I walk on winters road of grey clouds
Looking sideways just in case I missed
Any remnants of last summer’s crowds

Sometimes there is a peaceful feeling
On lonely strolls in morning’s first light
Where the crisp air promises action
As if it already has tomorrows hindsight

Three months must slowly creep
Before I dare again to dream anew
When wintry carpet patterns
Are reborn to lighter nights in muted blue