Saturday, 27 September 2014

Me oh My oh! Down at the Bio

With my biohacker buddies
And scientists of that ilk
Imbibing engineering parts
Enjoying home-made milk

Fermented foods and flavourings
Generating plastic drugs
Made to measure bloodless steaks
From DNA without the bugs

Manufactured evolution
Is the shape of things to come
As our made to measure gardens
Get Annie’s lean and mean 'gene-gun'

Two billion extra mouths to feed
Changing points of view synthetic
Filling faces with the stuff of life
Global farmyards biogenic

"Thousands of researchers will descend on Boston this fall for an event billed as the world’s largest gathering of synthetic biologists. The field is evolving so rapidly that even scientists working in it don't agree on a definition, but at its core synthetic biology involves bringing engineering principles to biotechnology." JOSIE GARTHWAITE - SEP 25 2014, 1:47 PM ET

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