Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tea Time for a Song

On a midnight trip to Boston
Kicking sand on Revere Beach
Thoughts of taking tea in Wonderland
Maybe write a keynote speech

Declare a conversation stopper
A sense of humour sketchy skit
Like a Dormouse sleeping up the spout
Whilst in a narcoleptic fit

Sand whiter than a shade of pale
Not a mollusc shellfish sighting
Neither Walruses nor Carpenters
Or March Hares to delight in

What happened here in Wonderland
Once a Disney Land of sights
A treasure trove of entertainment
Now just a place of quiet nights

Once a Queen of Hearts a Royal Tea
Her Cheshire cat confusing beau
Was Alice someone that she knew
Who went from there so long ago

White Rabbits late again I hear
On first dates one must agree
So essential to keep time in mind
Like back in seventeen seventy three

The last time that we all took tea
Not one to harbour grudges
Nor blame the Mohawks for our plight
or the taxmen for their fudges

This rhyme is a daydream play on words after visiting Boston Massachusetts. I cannot find any links between the 1773  Boston Tea Party and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland although I did wonder if there ought to be.

Back then almost bankrupted by empire driven wars Britain did have a crazy house of cards around the time of the Boston Tea Party.
We visited Revere Beach and Wonderland which are the last two stops at the end of the Blue Line (maybe a royal clue here too) If you haven’t thought about visiting Boston then may I recommend this super city as a fine place to explore, so many facets and historical links where the travel is easy.

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