Sunday, 14 September 2014

No Way to say 'No UK'!

Vote for the People not the Politicians

 Among the island people here
With our differences and styles
Subjected to a point of view
That forged a mighty British Isles

We people with our special ways
Who fought oppressions wicked rule
When called upon together stood
Defined the democratic jewel

Through our groups of village people
Fighting hard to gain our voices
Subdued the turgid ruling classes
Blood sweat and tears defining choices

Our leaders need to listen more
On that no shadow of a doubt
It’s up to us collectively
Our united nation we stand out

When ideological leaders stand up and proclaim.
Beware of domination and extreme vested interest.
Interesting that only Scotland votes on such a vital issue that will
affect Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.
Enormous responsibility.


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