Thursday, 21 February 2013

Points of Law and Laundry M’Lud

When the cream of society act like rednecks

Men and women of the jury
A call for justice we pursue
We trust that you will listen well
Give your balanced point of view

In a case of grudge and bickering
Begging fairness and support
So clearly wrong it took so long
To bring such matters to the court

There is a serious job to do
On the merits of the case
The points are what it’s all about
Not revenge or loss of face

Awhile Away

Amid the hustlings and bustlings
We escape to Friday nights
To congregate in wine bars
Nibbling ever so light bites

Gratefully we celebrate
Another week complete
Toil and grind to put behind
Friday's haven warm and sweet

The world of Mondays far away
From Saturday's abstractions
To not be prone to Sunday's groan
Or next weeks due transactions

Monday, 18 February 2013

Initially Mysterious

Inspired by the Oxford Dictionary Blog
'5 words you didn’t know were acronyms'

The magic of our language 
before your very eyes
Acronyms and Backronyms
Wordplay in disguise

Port Out Starboard Home
All at sea it just won't wash
A retrospective backronym
A first class state of POSH

Self Contained when Underwater
Breathing Apparatus most required
A SCUBA submersed tuba
An air of precious joy desired

The acronym of easy speak
Of light resource the LASER
Light Amplified Emitting Radiation
a sort of atmospheric razor

Then there's the QUANGO chat room
Quasi yet Autonomous
Non-Governmental Organisation
Nowhere-groups who seem anonymous

Finally the OED reminded us of POGs
A kid's thirst option to the java
With a cardboard disc collectible
From the Passion-fruit Orange Guava

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cool Cat Chat

Fancy that my talking cat
Truly does know where it’s at
The pitch and tone of each meow
Demands response from me 'right now'

Conversationally the cat is slick
Knows how to get reaction quick
Won’t accept that furrowed brow
Will use the 'loop-replay' meow

You need to know the law of cool
The cat won’t let you act the fool
So listen up if the cat has spoken
Or much meow like a record broken

Story Link: Why Does My Cat Meow At Me

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Twist in the Tail

Story Link 'Click Here' 👉 Chubby Checker-lawsuit 

Hewlett Packard may have got it wrong
When sizing up to Chubby
Their Miss-App hasn't made the grade
Not a favourite tool for Hubby

There hasn't been much interest
In this modern Chubby Checker
Not too many downloads
To twist and shout about ones pecker

Five hundred million dollar suit
To Hewlett Packard that's a bummer
Though it pleases 'Chubby Checker'
Who'd like to bring it home next summer

So stack or twist that is the grist
For those preoccupied with size
Most unlikely record payouts
For a stubby Chubby prize

The Driving Lesson

EL Driver School
Gears pedals steering wheels
Mirrors side and rear
Nearside offside left or right
Indicators over here
Windscreen wipers if it rains
Road lights when it's dark
Keep your eye on everything
Especially when you park
Use the clutch left foot depress
Select the early motion gear
Left foot right foot toggling
To get you going if it's clear
The moment you feel movement
You will need to be alert
Your arms and legs in harmony
So many hazards to avert
By now your sense of travelling
May not be logical to you
In spite of all that engine noise
The vehicle moved an inch or two
All your presence and your purpose
Along with any sign of mirth
Has taken flight in panic fright
Has shrunk your sense of worth
Ice-cold beads of perspiration
Violent shakes leave you appalled
Then deathly silence lets you know
the bloody engine finally stalled

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Alien Myriads (Byre Beware)

So many of us littleuns
who haven't got a clue
too obviously available 
to relentless points of view

Messages proliferate
quoting wisdom of the wise
a standalone survival thread
a logic rational surprise

Teasing taunts of multitude
a swarming static shower
bestowed on all who scatter roam
the wasteland network tower

A wilderness of interface
stalkers hidden in the horde
removing jewels from lonely fools
unaware of being bored

Already there are rumblings
trails of ‘Twitter’ wildebeest
with no life outside the following
a helter-skelter hyper feast

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Flush With Success

Thank you Thomas Crapper
for convenience and style
your pioneering plumbing
a flushing winner by a mile

Unsung hero of the closet
pride of place with apt reserve
a bathroom for the one and all
such engineering verve

Thank you for the throne room
wasteless comfort innovation
whether King or Queen or President
we share the contemplative station

Unintended Consequence

I've had a silly moment
feeling rather daft
my lines in muddy water
In a whirlpool on my raft

The river pulling rapid
overwhelming waves to fight
this raft too rudimentary
when one's landing's out of sight

Not coping with the eddy's
undercurrents knock my wood
my momentary upper hand
no longer feels too good