Monday, 18 February 2013

Initially Mysterious

Inspired by the Oxford Dictionary Blog
'5 words you didn’t know were acronyms'

The magic of our language 
before your very eyes
Acronyms and Backronyms
Wordplay in disguise

Port Out Starboard Home
All at sea it just won't wash
A retrospective backronym
A first class state of POSH

Self Contained when Underwater
Breathing Apparatus most required
A SCUBA submersed tuba
An air of precious joy desired

The acronym of easy speak
Of light resource the LASER
Light Amplified Emitting Radiation
a sort of atmospheric razor

Then there's the QUANGO chat room
Quasi yet Autonomous
Non-Governmental Organisation
Nowhere-groups who seem anonymous

Finally the OED reminded us of POGs
A kid's thirst option to the java
With a cardboard disc collectible
From the Passion-fruit Orange Guava

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