Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I Am Somewhere

Finger hopping never stopping 
Surfing data anagrams
Pass by easy never needy
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Everything downloadable 
At Macy's Harrods or the Ritz
Take pleasure in the sense of things
A universal Google blitz

Standing by at breakneck speed
Exchange mistakes for something new
Complete each satisfaction card
We are improving just for you

I think maybe I'm here in Boston
I'll check my credit card receipt
Every block a stock of distance
I walk reality off my feet


  1. You captured well the hustle and bustle of the frenzied lives we now lead!!...We are but slaves not to technology as such....but to electricity!!...She is the real demon amongst us!....

    1. True comment and I also listen far too much to ELO. Have mercy!