Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hobitual Travellers

Ann and Stevie Clarkson ‘Nobbies’ to their pals
are dealing with a sudden urge to travel
antipodeans fantasy in Technicolor view
tales of misty escapades and story’s to unravel

A motor home and trailer box for curry and Tabasco
like tins cans pots and pans for cooking stuff alfresco
necessities are paramount a credit card with Tesco
for scientific research they’ll be signing with UNESCO

New Zealand on location so magical a quest
a must-do life ambition to seriously invest
ponder dwell and meditate the atmosphere ingest
when weather gets Antarctica put on a thermal vest

We wish them both mobility secure that none may rob it
a spade to bury wasted things for this pair wouldn’t lob it
let’s not forget to aptly name the quarters they’ll inhabit
for Ann and Steve the nobby pair why not call it Nobbit

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