Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Party Smartie Pants

There’s a tang of impropriety
played out in our society
as politicians nonchalantly tramp

Dipping fingers without conscience
strutting appetites and penchants
paying duty to a hazy foreign camp

Apathetically so many folk
who mope elections are a joke
as integrity becomes a flight of fancy

When our leaders swagger blissful
at their congress waxing wistful
plainly no idea what’s really going on


  1. Yeah well, it really annoys me. So here's one for the impotent omnipotent

  2. I noticed with interest that an advertisement for cheap air fares pops up alongside this poem.

  3. It was probably the 'Flight of fancy' reference. I find it all quite exile-erating. That's if I don't end up in the 'Bloody Tower'. Mind you, that'll be me and a few polliticians.