Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Hypocrite 2012

Vigorous preachers on their perch
pointing out our follies
they moralize and guilt besmirch
whilst indulging fervent jollies

Piously proclaim their prize
upholding letters of the law
unbending without compromise
it’s for the best we must implore

The hypocrite will falsely claim
smooth-tongued standards sound
containing fools with threats of shame
with bogus promises astound

When it comes to ludicrous ideas I would have thought that free access to powerful guns was No.1. But no! Mr Wayne LaPierre  and his bullet point presentation has a preposterous solution. “Put armed policemen in schools” As Lawrence O’Donnel ‘Last  Word – MSNBC reminds everybody that’s 132,183 new police at a conservative national cash requirement of $6.7 billion. This man is a smooth bullshit presenter completely lacking in any compromise with regard to guns in the community.

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  1. Guns in the US communities are an argument that good sense is unlikely to defeat. But the Pope giving a pardon to his butler for exposing Vatican crime and lies? That is at least a positive step forward.