Monday, 3 December 2012

Oblivion Unlimited

We came here to exist awhile
to live our lives so real
to breathe to eat to fight to love
to understand what others feel

While each quest a game of chance
with odds against of multi-billion
sharing eyes with knowing minds
a finite journey to oblivion

A great poem FORGOTTEN

Writers Comment:

There are some who have misunderstood what I meant in the second verse of ‘Oblivion Unlimited’.

Life on this planet has clearly progressed through evolution. However, the odds against any of us being born at all are incredibly large. If we make it here against all of the obstacles there remain many pitfalls to encounter. Whatever path one may wish to pursue succeeding in a personal goal is by no means a given. 
Oblivion is for me best described as 'Nothingness' therefore I cannot understand the fear of oblivion it is certainly not sinister like a mysterious 'Heaven' or 'Hell'.

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