Saturday, 29 December 2012

When Time Was On My Side

When life began for me

As a youngster going nowhere
not concerned about the grime
until I found a second chance
among the pendulums of time

This urchin of the London scene
became a master of the zones
dispensed the minutes ticking by
clocks amazing Frank Hope Jones

From Liberty’s to Selfridges
all the sciences and the law
Whitehall and Bank of England
I spent time in every door

Every system made one ponder
how time will finally unlock
the secrets of the everything
with calibrated master clock

What a terrific break for a young man such as I. Having no real idea of what ambition and aspiration meant I happened upon a Synchronome opportunity to become useful. 
This job for a callow youth took me in and around every important London Institution. Beyond that all over Great Britain and eventually Europe and the USA. Life to me is the opportunities one takes full advantage of.

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