Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Who Dunnit

When Yasser Arafat passed away
still far away from peace
death at merely seventy five
from pointing fingers no release

They say his laundry articles
underline a mystery
containing alpha particles
a poisonous conspiracy

Last supper from Ramallah
Kindly served up in his room
Is now subjectively concluded
As may have brought about his doom

Among the best of Tel Aviv
Say a medical symposium
Products laced up dastardly
with massive doses of polonium

Always best to check ingredients
A task not undertaken gaily
For potions lurk potentially
A threat to Arab or Israeli

After a supper of fish, chicken, hummus, tomatoes and green salad, all from the market in Ramallah, washed down with homeopathic drinks from an upmarket health store in Tel Aviv (there's the clue), Arafat complained of severe stomach pains. His condition rapidly got worse.


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