Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Immaculate Intentions

Janet Janitorial
and her rugged rocking cloth
Beats a path to slime and grime
With disinfecting mighty wrath

She doesn’t need a microscope
To keep bacteria at bay
With picky sticks and duster flicks
The Germy dodgers fade away

Far from fussed with mounting dust
Laying waste to microbe sludge
She’ll bug the mite with dynamite
No sign of blemish smear or smudge

She may to you seem janitorial
More like an Angel in the mire
But Janet is a mop up star
Ship-shape supreme on fire

Janet is a care worker of high calibre. Apart from utmost civility in her human interactive skills she is a  thoroughly busy person in the upkeep of hygiene and general order for those in her care.

Oxford Dictionaries - Janitor Line breaks: jani|tor
Pronunciation: /ˈdʒanɪtə/

Definition of janitor in English:


chiefly North American
caretaker or doorkeeper of a building.

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