Sunday, 20 March 2016

Shy In The Sky

The latest news on aliens
Apparently they suck
A thousand hoovers hovering
That’s quite a lot of muck

Such is space technology
Alien visitor convoys
Obscured unseen invisible
Just can’t keep down the noise
One wonders why they bother
In our dust bowl full of mites
Where housework is a daylight thing
We don’t do hoovering at nights

Was it illusion, hoax or truly a visit from abroad?

One must question how discreet visits by aliens with amazing technology would sound like  one thousand vacuum cleaners. Advanced technologies may well have solved anti-gravity propulsion enabling them to travel  vast distances quietly. Heat dissipation might also be in the equation all seemingly undetected by standard scientific measurement. Thank you Mr MacDonald for a great article and headline without which this alien rhyme may never have been penned.

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