Monday, 21 March 2016

Pleasure Treasures

Mandy with her candy tray
Sugar, sugar sweet desire
Much loved moments secretly
Searing taste buds set on fire

Surrounded by temptations
Cravings tease seductively
Every piece a prize to agonise
They titillate implicitly 

Toffees bonbons melting treats
Blissful softly shell self centred
Packet wrapped richly capped
Sweetest nothings oriented

A treacle pout when offered out

No favourites they're restricted
Each supplement of succulence
Keep her hopelessly addicted

Daily Telegraph: By 
"French scientists in Bordeaux reported that in animal trials, rats chose sugar over cocaine (even when they were addicted to cocaine), and speculated that no mammals’ sweet receptors are naturally adapted to the high concentrations of sweet tastes on offer in modern times."

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