Sunday, 22 June 2014

It's F.I.F.A. not F.I.S.A

We know best, it's football not soccer!

Six hundred years of football
Is where the antecedent draw’s
That soccer is erroneous
Just as daft as ‘Nil, Nil’ scores

There is no catch in football match
Strictly speaking not a game
Boots with studs not shoes with cleats
‘Either-Or’ may look the same

A most emphatic clause in football
Defining 'periods' a crime
A finished matched is over
Unless allowing extra time

Keeping close when playing football
Is not guarding when you mark
Equally it’s not a catch
Aussie rules we view as dark

Purely playing foot on ball
Should never raise a doubt
There are penalties for using hands
As Football’s what its all about

Taken from Oxford Dictionaries Blog: The first rule of football is… don’t call it soccer. For those unaware soccer comes from Association Football

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