Wednesday, 25 June 2014

In All Terms Musicality 'Now I See It - Know I don't'

Day by day my arraché 
tearing at my strings
Humming incantation bouche fermée
‘Cupo’ dark and sombre brings

Loud and proud as dehors soars
Then stifle damp étouffer
Occasionally festive feierlich
Religiously or secular

Precise in speed and rhythm
Unvarying giustamente
My hopping hüpfen takt in time
On my bowstroke bouncing jeté

Kneifend plucking gracefully
leggiadramente style
Markig vigourus natural
My ôter organ stops awhile

Sedately steady posément
Almost quasi as if troubling
Raddoppiamento multiplies
Twice as much by doubling

Sinistra takes the left hand side
Taktfest firm in steady time
Una corda one string pedalling
Wie anfänglich initially sublime

Idea taken from: OXFORDWORDS BLOG

An A-Z of musical terms

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