Thursday, 12 June 2014

Brain Box of Tricks

Speaking neurocomically
Vast subjects neurologically
On who I am or where I am
Self-teaching pedagogically

My Dendrite spreading logically
Receiving signals psychopathically
Along with Axons to Mid-Soma
Leave my writings light on gravity

Yet still I have temerity
In my grain of granule verity
My cornucopia top of stairs
Drives my natural pharmacology

Thoughts abound incessantly
Deep or shallow always technically
Computing verbal’s visually
Is it really me I say subjectively

As gleaned from ingesting a smattering of higher learning which I highly recommend. NEUROCOMIC by M. Farinella and H. Ros, is a wonderful explanation of our magnificent organ ‘The Brain’. It is very readable and designed for young and old alike. ISBN: 978-1-907704-70-3 Order from

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