Thursday, 5 June 2014

Right Wings of Small Change

Bowing scraping doffing caps
obsequiously face down
gaining favour from our self esteem
Kissing rings salute the crown

Rolling Stones and moving targets
smiling glibly check each hour
Betrayal schemes usurper dreams
among the corridors of power

Lock out the worldly visitor
with wary ways from foreign climes
more wealthy we outside the club
enjoying home grown British crimes

Yet in the end the cause dilutes
overdosed inbred insanity
Howling walls in hallowed halls
Our delusions steeped in vanity

Written for those who do not lay claim to the scapegoat of futile blame for all ills.

The term ‘Right Wing’ best describes the British view of the caste system. Our historical system of hierarchies, which is so apparent. It is steeped in conservation of the status quo. The power players in our realm of United Kingdoms are truly a vested interest society that looks down on what it considers plebs and peasants. These terms though insulting do outline the attitude of those who can’t be bothered to partake in democratic elections. It is as if they feel inadequate and powerless to change a scheme of intractable things. The ‘cap doffers and ring kissers’ referred to in my ‘Right Wings of Small Change’ rhyme refers to those who feel that supporting these extremists of politics will curie favour somehow. As for promoting dislike and blame of ‘foreigners’ parties like UKIP who blatantly seek loud mouth bigots to take a shameful message of fear to their communities. Their hero a chain smoking beer swigging jester with a hidden agenda not unlike Putin, Mao Tse Tung and let us never forget the lovability of Adolf Hitler. These tyrants professed the interests of their people at heart with no such thing in mind.

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