Thursday, 30 October 2014

Turning Tony’s Pages

I didn't know Tony but when asked to compile a jaunty ditty in his memory I was given bullet points as follows: 
  • Moved from Lincoln to Hull. Knowledgeable on a wide rage of subjects and a man of whit. A career teacher turned gardener. A local band guitarist musician who delighted in a roll-up from his tobacco pouch. Found new life and happiness with partner Janis with who enjoyed many a good holiday. 

This man of thoughts and facets
Garden thumb of Lincoln green
Not for him a millionaire
Though enjoyed the music scene

Played guitar and entertained
In and out of rolled up joints
Supporting hand to a local band
On evenings out his finer points

Noted for his brainy whit
Quips wry-grins a major feature
A knowledge base entitled him
To become a much loved teacher

In later years a white van man
He’d cut you up and beg your pardon
Hoot his horn with friendly scorn
Turn your wilderness to garden

With travelling partner Janis
A loving life abroad
Spent here and there a couple’s share
The pleasant best they could afford

When his final venue played full house
Closing quietly his curtain
Gave Center stage a final bow
We’ll miss him much and that’s for certain

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