Sunday, 26 October 2014

Eurogenus Zones

More! You want MORE!

 Telling jokes at breakneck speed
Leaving punch lines overlooked
As clowns parade in harlequin
Cold custard pies now over cooked

Last laughs from played out jesters
Sent home smiles invoking stares
As the mugs sip empty chalices
Heads at risk from baleful glares

Kings consider just rewards
For those whose manners once betrayed
Reflecting on the consequence
As double-dealers leave dismayed

The counting house is overdrawn
From paying off the battled drained
Blades are slicing uncut scripts
Where comic wit once entertained

In the end the pauper made to pay
From last reserves of dirty money
As blackbirds fly to escape the pie
Swarming bees lock down their honey

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