Sunday, 6 April 2014

Maid for the Moment

In Regents Park 
they meet again
He waits there unaware
Hard earned cash
too well turned out
He feels so debonair
Janice is a night club star
Society girl on stage
Will entertain all comers
In the glory of her age
Tonight he is her guardian
Paddling in her wake
Paying all her servants
For compliments they make
He stares at her in wonder
From ground up to her nape
A Wentworth Golf umbrella
Should rain fall near her cape
Prepared to this any time
though he doesn’t understand
She seeks the highest bidder
to come begging for her hand
She likes him for his empathy
His deferential flair
Knows her needs are many fold
Golden girl beyond compare

Based on ideas from:
Cat Stevens Mike d'abo Ray Davies Perter Sarstedt

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