Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Day of the Graze-ell

Pic borrowed from: http://artpanda.blogspot.co.uk

 Graze-ell’s like to
Eat all day
Nibbling titbits
Through the night
Then take a nap
At break of dawn
to begin again
At full daylight
Graze-ell's never 
on taste or
Quality of munch
a breakfast feast
Of burly husk
Chewing brawny stuff
Till lunch
Will chomp throughout
The afternoon
on sticky sickly
Gluey sweet stuff
Stomp and pout
If tea is late
craving bucket loads
Of woodruff
At supper eyes a drooping
The Graze-ell moans
that cook is mean
Perhaps one puff
Of marshmallow fluff
Then sleepy snoring
quite serene

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