Saturday, 9 April 2016

The European Question (A Ropey Rhyme)

To all those in confusion
As to whether in or out
Euro this and Global that
Crazy spinning roundabout

It seems to be that no one knows
It’s everybody’s sweat
The question is not gain or loss
For there is little idea yet

They need us and we need them
Could it be too close to call
Trading happens anyway
Win-win games to suit us all

We have a long served history
We are the world we are UK
Needed North South East and West
We forged the road to Mandalay

Such a teeny weeny island
We have muscle we have minds
We have Nigel who has plans for us
But they may be perilous binds

We fought in two horrific wars
So many lost so much destroyed
Grateful help from Jonny Foreigner
All those who wanted work employed

Ask yourself why would you stay
Then ask why would you go
Beware of vested interest
Whirling curved balls some will throw

The vote is vital voting day
This time every vote will matter
The cost of doing nothing
Could be a most expensive platter

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