Saturday, 16 April 2016

Shhhh! Do You Want To Know A Secret

Conceit deceit and quackery
Pretenders to a liars throne
Drawing credulous magnetically
Who need a secret to condone

The nanny state insisted
That health was in decline
Dispensing vigorous strategies
To keep us fit and feeling fine

Ancel Keys hypothesized
With little more than speculation
Giving rise to processed foods
A sugar fest contamination

The buzz phrase high cholesterol
Eggs and cheese would do us in
Red meats prawns and dumplings
Staple foods that kept us thin

Stripped our grub to tastelessness
That watered milk would expiate
Packing packs with salty sugar stacks
Affecting loads to pile on weight

Watching weight a big partaker sport
So help these sinners buy our dinners
Pushing dummy pills and supplements
They won’t lose weight but we’ll be winners

Michael Mosely: "At a time when an increasing proportion of the world’s population is suffering from obesity and its related health issues, Tim Spector offers an important and fascinating perspective on this global epidemic. He explains that because of the way in which our attitudes to food have changed over the last few decades, we are no longer exposed to the very microbes that have always been an invisible but essential part of our physiology."

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