Monday, 23 September 2013


Human populations
continue to grow
By the year twenty fifty 
Nine billion or so

Good news for restaurants 
Purveyors of food
Who accommodate appetite
 to sate hunger and mood

Our cattle and fisheries 
will find it hard to sustain
Causing portions and prices
to make eating a pain

Our diets need broadening
current sources unsound
Worry not for supplies 
many answers abound

Menus change fast
Restaurants Pubs or at home
For the finest ingredients
There is no need to roam

Ants beetle larvae
Crickets with rice
Granada cicada
Spicy cockroach with lice

Tarantula mealworm
Dry roasted red ants
Not prone to turbulence
Less strain on your pants

Many more attending
A Weight Watchers Club
Checking protein and calories
Of their favourite Grub

Food consumption expected to double by 2050


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