Sunday, 14 July 2013

Masham Muttony in the County

A lamb turned up just recently
Somewhat out of place
We've no idea from where it came
Do you recognise its face
Should you have an inkling
Maybe saw it in a field
Then let us know we'll send it back
Before the mint sauce is congealed 

We highly recommend a stay with these lovely people


  1. Thanks Ropey
    There are hundreds of lost sheep roaming around Masham and Wensleydale all wearing yellow jerseys to remind folk of a famous bike race that will be coming through Masham next year. Visit our web site at for more details of the fabulous prizes to be won for spotting them.
    Love the rhyming cutletts!!Sue B x x

    1. Rhyming cutlets! Brilliant. Let's hope it's not to choppy up in the mountains.

  2. LOL Just spotted the little lamb Sue B x