Saturday, 30 April 2011

Night of the Meagle

On the slopes of mount impossible
I fell into a dream
and there I met a Meagle
most unlikely it may seem.
Naturally at first confused
I knew not what it ought to be
I’m sure it must have felt the same
whilst mulling over me.

My firm grip on reality
Left me grasping in confusion
anything so Meagleness
quite insane without solution.
A primate form of legs and tail
no trace of upper limb
Buzzard-Eagle eyes and beak
mordantly quite grim.

With no idea what I might say
to a being such as this
loudly I expelled my breath
a fizz like sounding hiss
casually the Meagle turned
with sideways glare upon
“So rudely you address me Sir
without words to ponder on”

“Of all you see” it said to me 
“and everything that’s hidden”
“I am the Regal Meagle 
any questions are forbidden”
“So look again and think some more 
before you dare expound
On the silly introduction 
that you made with serpent sound”

Oh Regal Meagle patently 
my digression I deplore
I apologise such thoughtlessness 
regretful evermore
The Meagle merely shook his tail 
then turned to face the light
as I watched it climb the mountain slope
I dwindled out of night

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