Monday, 4 July 2011

Ciggies with Josie

I hear they’re wanting smoking back

allowed in pubs and clubs

to revitalise our social scenes

laid waste by smoker snubs

It seems our smoke dependants

with their ashtray and their butt

have left too many empty seats

all pubs and clubs will shut

Our venue’s once so full of fun

left despondently to sag

by demanding all the smokers

nip outside to have a fag

For crying out loud the smoker coughs
it contravenes our human right

our only pastime idle pleasure

maybe one or two each night

We don’t care that smoking kills us

everyone must surely die

We know tons of healthy puffers

who buck the trend and death defy

So leave us puff our poison pipe

amid the throngs and masses

bring atmosphere to every hall

with clouds of nicotine gasses

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