Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Wistful Gardener

I have a garden roller
occasionally I use
to flatten humps
and earthen bumps
to levels I enthuse

It is a sturdy work machine
enduring through the years
from meadow scene
to bowling green
the envy of my peers

Yet nowadays through settlement
more prone to sit and think
by garden chair
we sturdy pair
just me and Bennetfink

This rhyme about an old  garden lawn roller was requested by Tony Turner of Herne Bay in Kent. Apparently, Tony's family had in their possession a garden lawn roller supplied by Bennetfink & Co.
By the time I knew Tony he was living alone with his happy family memories. I was glad to have had the opportunity to reintroduce him to smiling and the occasional hearty laugh. The rhyme sort of sums up his life's reflections.

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