Thursday, 5 July 2012

Followers Tweeting Follocks

Meanings may have changed a lot
to words along the way
descriptions one time quite mundane
inoffensive one might say

Here then a fine example
a lesson for the teacher
how ‘Ball’ became the ‘Bollocks word
then attributed to preacher

A load of ‘Bollocks’ nothing more
than a sermon or a lecture
a common or gonad reference
at best a dubious conjecture

Oh Bloody Hell oh Bollocks
a progressive language phrase
much more akin to twittering
and those talking bollocks ways

Thanks to Matthew Cobb (comment Evolution is True) who corrected the misunderstanding I had from reading the Richard Branston account of the Sex Pistols Obscenity trial. I have made changes to this rhyme just in case someone cares.

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