Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Strife of Brian

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Sitting lonely in my bastion
Esteem and power cut by half
some evil cruel conspiracy
Creating problems with the staff

My wash machine has locked me out
the tumble dryer's blown a fuse
Now my internet is dropping out
I have Super Highway off-line blues

I can't call out an engineer
my telephone is toast
All my router lights are flickering
Even Facebook bars my post

By hand I washed the cups and plates
the last of daylight faded fast
Despair and gloom in the cooling room
Stormy weather overcast

Then suddenly the light returned
As though a miracle occurred
breathing life into my air waves
No more from me a 'weasel word'

I hear the generator team
open loads they had to tweak
blatantly reminding me
too much power can leave one weak

1 comment:

  1. Perfect...I couldn't have been more miserable myself.....

    Nice tribute to start my day...Thanks!