Monday, 10 March 2014

A Southern State of Brain Drain

This guy in Oklahoma
We can’t disclose his name
Let slip a twenty dollar bill
Watched it slither down the drain

The sensible among us
Might have dangled down a skewer
But this guy for twenty dollars
Stormed his way into the sewer

Without a light he splashed about
Amongst the slurry and the litter
Unable to locate his cash
Became enraged extremely bitter

Two days in lost confusion
Bumping bashing all about
Crazed with thirst he feared the worst
Begged and pleaded ‘Let Me Out’

Thankfully some students
School bound passing near
Heard his doleful fading scream
Police arrived with rescue gear

They opened up a manhole
To a pipe five meters down
Hauled him up to freedoms air
Many bruising’s yellow brown

A sorry tale to bring to you
From the land of milk and honey
If your dollars make a break for it
Take my advice don’t chase the money

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