Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Lofty clich├ęs sound profound
may trivially be true
purporting insight wisely

without meaning without view

Sounding grand insightfully
like the king who wore no clothes
striking chords with yes full hordes

whose understanding they suppose

Special thanks to the works of Professor Dan Dennett
“Dennett on Atheism”A Deepity sounds profound but!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Our Prerogative No Pejorative


Entitlement without redress
Divinely righteous crowning jewel
A free decree to act without
one-way my-way  golden rule

Set in stone the die is cast
No need of second-guessing
We’re orchestrating Que sera
Our prerogative our blessing

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Waiting for Reason

I’m just an individual
Who’s not afraid to say
I don’t believe in fairies 
And therefore never pray
I don’t believe in afterlife 
Or the supernatural way
I have no time for glory chat 
On any given day
I do believe in honesty, 
Equality and care
I want to be a friend in need 
Will aim to do my share
I’d like a better world for all 
so green and clean and fair
eradicating nastiness 
in every corner everywhere
So far the answers out of sight
In spite of adoration
Too many folk prepared to wait
In hope of jubilation
too many holy soldiers
In support of subjugation
Making bombs and waving guns
Creating trepidation
I will not wear a label
That gives credence to belief
And avoid the jolly ritual
That invokes a false relief
I will turn my head away 
From any intellectual thief
I will proudly stand responsible 
away from sacred grief 

Monday, 14 May 2012


Coat the beef
with seasoned flour
Then brown the meat
and flour treat
To enhance the feel
of a quality meal
Heat the oil and butter hot
best to use a heavy pot
Keep the pieces
Placed apart
Crucially to seer
With heart
If not the pieces
Will not brown
Colour grey
Like eider down
Use the surface residue
That’s where you’ll find
the flavour lies
Proper browning

Wins the prize

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nutty Slacks

The game of golf I love to watch
although I’m not a player
the beauty of the fairway
a luscious walk conveyor

A social game for fancy folk
who can’t resist a label
a chance to show one's money’s worth
whether skillful or unable

It’s growth is exponential
there is nothing to compare
whacking balls with spindly sticks
in the strangest fashion wear

When Z's are most Y's

Some days I sit there thinking
of stuff I might prefer to do
But nothing takes my fancy
Not even clouds can make me blue
To think on purpose deadly dull
Good ideas appearing crazy
I realise how weak I am
Too slothful to be lazy
Laying back I nod off absent
Insinuating meditating
Let nothing pass the time of day
My headless way abbreviating

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Positively Your Street

Ask yourself this question what’s driving deep inside
What keeps your fire burning fierce and strong
Don’t think too long about it set the cabin door to open
Like a mantra shout the hiding’s done and gone

No longer counting hours hoping moments may remain
A moment out there waits for you to claim
Stop believing in the reasons that put chains inside your head
Dig deep for truth in messages discarding riddles of the dead

Look beyond and shield your eyes don’t be blinded by the light
Journeys need a view that’s crystal clear
Leave the bye-road take the high-road it’s the early morning way
See the signpost saying miles away from fear