Wednesday, 29 January 2014

FA Queues

If your exciting recent purchase
Doesn’t do what it should do
Putting paid to expectations
To leave you sadly pastel blue
Get on the phone and make a call
Select a pathway to success
Pressing umpteen bloody numbers
Achieving nothing but distress
Wait your turn we know you’re there
Robotic whispers in your ear
And just for training purposes
We make recordings have no fear
Our call rate is quite high today
You’re number eighteen on the list
You may try our on-line services
For those problems that persist
And if you do I’m sure you’ll find
A host of so much more to do
Enlightened by such lunacy
That lurks among the FAQ
I’ve tried it out so many times
Reading every frequent question
Finding answers most infrequently
Inflicting chronic indigestion
I would love to end this jabber
With an upbeat point of view
Instead I recommend not bothering
With that 'sweet nothing' FA Queue

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