Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Ramus a Bones Head of Contention

Ramus seems a pleasant chap
His smile somewhat eternal
But he has a one-way talking head
His lack of listening skills infernal

Ramus says our days are few
He wafts his book as perfect proof
Quoting ‘good news’ passages
To us fallen folk aloof

“Now Ramus you hold on there
I have another point of view
I can’t believe those written words
Contradictorily untrue”

His smile remains a golden gleam
a miner’s lamplight blinding
ears clogged up with rapture
His collar tightly binding

All around our neighbourhood
This uninvited guest
Will ring our bell and rap our door
Proclaiming Jesus loves you best

Enough, enough we must speak up
Enduring myths most famous
Don’t quote us words as evidence
We are the types who ignore Ramus

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