Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Wide Load

This pedal cranking well oiled chain
Moves me freely out of town
A cushioned frame pneumatically
A wheelie dealing knuckle down

Three wheels, two wheel, tandem
Multicoloured carbon framed
My comfy contoured saddle seat
Freewheeling unrestrained

Statistically a groundswell force
Approaching forty three percent
Groups and troops backpacking
A camping culture with intent

Motorcades of engine drivers
Look with envy at my biking
So very cool no need of fuel
Stocked with goodies to my liking

We’re out there any weather
On odd occasions we may linger
Ignore the splashing honking horns
Who impolitely wave the finger

1 comment:

  1. Well I thoroughly enjoyed that ride!....infact...enjoyed it so much...I need a lie down to rest my legs!....Delightfully chirpy....