Saturday, 9 May 2015

Its Ober

Bin There 

Changing fortunes in the way of things
As limping wrists have lost their grip
In spite of all those fags and frothy gags
Not much interest in UKIP

On leadership and inspiration
Mugs with thugs wiped out the group
All the whitewash turned to hogwash
A spreading thinned out kipping troupe

With much dismay and resignation
One must admit the day is here
As quick sands suck our one night stands
One must do right and disappear

A drubbing is a last gasp chance
For the has-been claimant to unzip
Twilight tears and sundown smiles
As Nigel plans a time out kip

Summer sun will shine a brighter light
Lets make haste to foreign climes
May be a rally round at Nuremburg
Sorrows soaked in liebfrau wines

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