Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Tales From The Teapot Spout (Part One)

Are you sipping quietly?
High time we put the kettle on
Hatter’s teaspoon sprinkled tea
A rousing shrill from a whistling bill
Screamed boiling hot pour carefully

The strainer held the middle ground
As Teapot Spout revealed its trails
Full of happenings in Wonderland
A stirring swell of teatime tales

In sight of tea abundantly
Table seating free of anguish
Not talking jokes with coffee folks
Which is quite another languish

The cups received a story filled
On the banks of the River Tea
When all among those present then
Sipped slow and gradually

Just past the hour where once upon’s
Spoke in trickles from the Spout
Painting scenes of tea stained themes
In shapes that treaties bring about

With cupper class the tearoom pack
Driven wild with expectation
Poor strainer choked with overload
Causing gridlock altercation

Tipped and tapped the strainer cleared
The flow resumed its telling force
How the Queen was lost in shuffled packs
Whilst royal teapots quenched remorse

The King screamed out blue murder
Disengaged the blacks from reds
The hearts were holding diamonds
Clubs and spades were digging beds

Dusk pressed lids on heavy eyes
All around swayed driftily
One more leaf to build a dream
A caddy bag of far out tea

The End Of The Beginning

This idea comes out the Mad Hatter's Tea Party with sprinklings from the Boston Tea Party and other Wonderland cribs. Writing good nonsense requires a tremendous amount of effort which goes to show what a genius Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) really was.

Link to an earlier dream

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