Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Colin In A Room With His Views

Sitting quietly with crosswords
In his place without event
Considering a world at large
Among his memories well meant

Artifacts and bagged up articles
Evoking bygone everydays
Now hidden in the settled dust
Self-contained in silent haze

Enjoying his tranquility
Friendly books and magazines
Ruminating on past travelling
Those exotic far flung scenes

What of then and living now
How happy is the man
He tells me quite contented
Doing everything he can

This is Colin, who some may describe as reclusive or eccentric. Nevertheless, I have met with Colin twice recently and found him both times to be pleasant bright and talkative. Colin a skilled Artisan, is well travelled and has led an interesting life. This poem describes a man without pretensions and few needs. He owns his house and looked after both parents when the time came to do so. It's possible that people see Colin like the blurred photograph above but I see him as an intriguing poem.

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