Monday, 14 May 2018

Letting Out Your Rhyme

It’s funny how a rhyme turns up 
On a page when least expected
Making sense of past or present tense
Each end of  line connected

Some think that rhyme is hard to write
Though all you need is pen and paper
For rhyme has a knack in taking up slack
A stream of steam like vapour

I often feel when writing rhyme
Are there Genies on my shelf
Sitting there no rhyme in mind
I find a rhyme has written itself

Give it a go seeing bywords that flow
Bopping and dancing in time
Open your cage let them jump on page
Before you know it you’ve written a rhyme

Written after listening to BBC Radio 3 The Verb Click here for the link and the marvellous mind of Pam Ayres discussing her love of rhyme

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