Saturday, 2 June 2018


You could call it a disaster
A tragic mishap combination
As a builder shuffled up the plank
A concrete setting situation
Wheelbarrow finely centred
Right angled geometrical
One foot behind each taken step
Calculating mathematical
But taking calls and sending text
Can cause a teeter in one’s trek
Sparking off the unexpected trip
A sinking dip up to the neck
Grabbing quick the plank and handlebar
Stepping slowly from the mire
Laced with rubble covered splattering
And matching concrete grey attire
Emergent scary from “The Dark Lagoon”
As best-laid-plans became a trough
Scattered chunks from hard stuck lumps
Where water force could not wash off
Alas the Medic’s could not bring around
The hardened figure stiffened quick
Now a headstone buried standing proud 
This builder now a concrete brick

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